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Current committee

Our committee positions are voted for each year at the annual general meeting for the match secretary, Treasurer & Club Secretary, Facebook lead and Committee support.  The lead sponsor position is taken by Dom at JD Tackle supplies  and will not be voted on : 

Match Secretary : Darren Curtis, Darren will cover the booking of all matches, each year Darren will canvas opinions for new venues or competitions we want to enter as a team, if you’ve got a burning desire for us to fish a specific venue just let Darren know. Darren also arranges the sections and allocation of pegs for the matches. 

Treasurer & Club Secretary : Matt Hix, Matt will cover the running of the website, dealing with the club kit and helping arrange the yearly trip away etc, he will also be liaising with the supplier about the free club hoodie for the angler that gets the most weight and most points in a season along with running the club bank account. 

Lead Sponsor : Dom Carrino, Dom is the main sponsor for the club and sits on the club committee, to support the club Dom makes an annual contribution towards the club funds along with joining as a member, Dom is happy to support the club offering a 10% discount on terminal tackle & bait to all members and will bring your order to the match as long as you order by Wednesday, if there are larger tackle items you need then just let Dom know. 

Committee Support :  Ian Birkett, Ian holds a committee place and supports the other committee members by collecting pools on the day of a match and helping with the weighing in, If the club does secure its own lake at some point over the coming seasons, to ensure the lake is maintained and managed effectively Ian will also take the position of lake secretary bringing a great deal of knowledge to the position which puts us best placed for when we do secure a lake. 

Facebook : Jonny Harvey, Jonny updates the clubs facebook page, if you'd like to see any particular content on there then just ask and Jonny will be happy to help

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