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Makins Lake 3 - 28/06/2020

Hi All

Apologies for the delay in posting about the match at makins last weekend, I've been working on the things to include in the blog post so I hope you enjoy them.

The weather was a challenge on the day with strong wind throughout the match, despite this it was a great turn out again.

Once again we have to thank Dom for sorting out the bait order and continuing to support the club - we all appreciate it and it cant go unmentioned what a brilliant thing you've done creating the weighing equipment, it really is amazing :

Pegs for the day were drawn the night before and were as follows :

Despite the number of us fishing and the strong winds the fishing remained competitive in each section.

Winner on the day was Daz on peg 9 and watching him catching from across the lake became a familiar site, Daz won with a weight of 96lb - well done Daz

I took the section by default with 25lb 15oz, Ratchet took 3rd in the section with 21lb 7oz and Clive did not weigh. Ratchet did get the golden peg though so claimed the prize

in Section 1 Ian won with a great weight of 74lb 14oz from peg 4 just edging Dom who had 73lb 6oz from peg 1, Karl took 3rd in the section from peg 2 with 29lb 2oz and Mad Mick took 4th with 20lb 8oz from peg 3. We're still unsure how mick managed to set fire to himself but we've given up trying to figure it out, at least he liked his new club hoodie despite the burn marks

Jonny took section 3 from peg 11 with 50lb 14oz, Gazza & Neil did not weigh and Harvey weighed a great 27lb 14oz from peg 10 - Well done Harvey, great result for your second match.

Simon took the section 4 win with 49lb 5oz from peg 20, Craig was second in the section with 29lb 12oz from peg 19 and Dan 3rd with 17lb 6oz from peg 18 (have to mention that one fish was 9lb 9oz - great catch Dan). Micky T and Jason did not weigh

All in all it was yet another enjoyable day

Onto to tunnel barn farm next on the 12th July

See you all soon

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